March 11, 2013


Over the weekend, I hit an Etsy milestone:

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 12.29.44 AM

100 sales on Etsy.

I am so stoked.

My shop has had some slow beginnings, and it’s a daily struggle to balance the day job, being a good parent, and my creative outlet (my shop). So hitting 100 sales (and over!) has been such an incredible blessing.

I’d like to thank my amazing husband Rob; for without him, I would be dead in a gutter in Pullman, WA nine years ago–no, not really; I’m just being dramatic. But I really would be worse off without him. And without an awesome kiddo. And my shop. He is my Quality Control Manager and Parent-in-Crime to The Boy.

I’d also like to thank my moms who sew–my own mother, who sewed fantastic frocks for my sister and me, and who instilled the drive to sew, and my mother-in-law, who offers advice to make my goods even gooder (oh, dear. Daylight Saving is NOT helping my use of Proper English). They are amazing, inspiring women.

And last, but certainly not least- The Boy. If it wasn’t for him (and my frustration when curating his woodland-animal-themed nursery), I would have never ventured into what I do. It started with a delivery gown and a nursery set, and has flourished into the shop it is now.

Wow, this is kind of sounding like some awards show acceptance speech, huh?

“I’d like to thank my cat, Roxie, for keeping the lint roller manufacturers in business….”

Cue the symphony playing the Jaws theme song as my notice to wrap it up…

“And I’d like to thank my dogs Marley and Ziggy for being my Sewing Studio Companions…”

Cue the gigantic cane onstage to hook around my waist and whisk me off stage.


Thank you to my awesome, amazing customers. Your patronage has been my driving force, and many of your ideas have been implemented or in the hopper for future products. It is so refreshing to hear feedback on an item I made, and that a practical item can also be a pretty one.

Seriously, from the bottom of my sappy heart, thank you.

Now on to making more awesome stuff!!


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