An Update on Face Masks

April 07, 2020

Hey friends!

You may or may not know that I've thrown my hat into the Face-Mask-Making Movement. I've donated a bunch to local healthcare and essential workers already and posted a batch on Monday for folks, and they sold out in less than an hour!

The demand for face masks is huge right now, especially with the urging of the CDC for all people to wear masks when out and about. Please note this is not a substitute for social distancing/staying at home, which are the number one methods for us to flatten the curve. 

I'm working through my list of essential/healthcare folks, and will post another batch of ready to ship masks as soon as I can- Wednesday (4/9) at the earliest. I'll post the time the masks will go live that day so folks can get ready!

Why am I listing my masks this way? Because this is the best way for me to avoid becoming burnt out, stressed out, and overworked. Having a backlog of things to make for folks stresses me out; it's why I open and close my availability of custom orders as needed. I have both my boys at home (ages 8 and 5, respectively), a husband who works FT remotely (he did this before the virus hit), and I'm undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Self care and rest and taking care of myself and my family is tantamount. Masks come after that. 


I thank you for your patience and your support while we all row this boat together. You know, the boat no one wanted to board, yet here we are. :)

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