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September 19, 2013

 I’m pulling from the depths of my “Old News” pile this week, as the new day job is absolutely wonderful and absolutely cah-razy.

You know how I used to blog 1-2 times a week (or at least I totally did in my head)?

Many of those posts were written on my lunch break at the former day job.

I still haven’t figured out the rhythm of this new gig, but finding time to bust out a blog post (which takes me 30 minutes on average) might take some time, so be prepared for a non-regularly scheduled broadcast.

NOW: onto business for realsies.

This may be totally old news to me, but it’s not old news to (most of) you: my lovely little sister had a gorgeous little baby girl.

This happened in February, and I’m just getting to write about it now, but I digress.

My sister lives in the South, so I don’t get to see her (or call her) as often as I’d like. Now that she has a wee one and works, hopefully she can understand why I suck and call even less than I did before.  

I got the royal treatment from her when I was pregnant with The Boy, and she spoiled me rotten with gifts…she even sent the gifts to my brother, who then brought them to my shower, so I could open them all at once.  

My family kicks ass.

So, not only wanting to spoil my sister with gifts, I had to up the ante (being 22 months apart makes siblings fiercely competitive): I was going to make everything. Each gift. All handmade.

So I chose my fabrics based on my sister’s nursery set (she chose a very on-trend grey and yellow motif):

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 4.48.56 PM

And then I got to sewing! I was in a bit of a panic, as I bought these fabrics in January, and my sister was due in late February. For The Boy’s nursery, I bought the fabric in November, finished it in February, and The Boy wasn’t even born until June! Of course, I was the pregnant one, and I was super concerned about physically being able to sew as my due date got closer, hence the finishing early.

But I’ve had enough friends deliver early, so I wanted to make sure she received her box full of handmade awesomeness long before her due date.

I ended up making her: 2 Boppy covers, a nursing cover, 2 Diaper + Wipe Clutches (one for her, one masculine one for her husband (not with any of the above fabrics)), 3 bibs, 2 pacifier clips, and a taggie blankie.

I was so excited to send it to her that I completely forgot to get photos of everything I made for her.  

But my sister is awesome and captured my adorable niece enjoying her taggie blanket:


I finally got to meet my niece in person in August, and I just can’t get over how awesome she is. I’m also really glad my sister posts photos regularly on social media so I can keep up with her!

And I was thrilled that she loves her taggie blanket. I don’t normally make blankets. There are two reasons why:

1- Minky fabric and I have a love/hate relationship (that will be resolved once I get a walking foot for my new machine) ,

2- I received a TON of blankets for The Boy. Granted, I loved each and every one of them (particularly the handmade ones), and used each one at least once, but there were a lot of blankets. Pretty + practical is my mantra forMarshMueller, and blankets are on the fence to qualify for that requirement.  

But you never know; I might introduce taggie or larger blankets into the shop, especially since my cutie pie tester happens to love hers.

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