Gifting with Marshmueller is easy peasy

June 28, 2021

Even though things in the world have been weird for some time,People are still having birthdays, getting promoted, graduating school, having children; there's always a reason to celebrate. Even "just because" is a reason to celebrate. :)

While baby showers haven't quite looked the same, babies have still been born and loved ones have still wanted to send unique baby gifts to the parents-to-be. 

Being alive is a wonderful thing and another trip around the sun (aka a birthday) is always reason to celebrate, too.

Even if you're more of an "in-the-moment" gift giver, or a more traditional, time-based gift giver, you'll find that gifting with my products is fun and super easy, and here's why:

1:: I don't include packing slips

That's right- no packing slips! They tend to just go right in the trash or recycling right away, and chances are folks still have the order and shipping confirmation emails from their shopping trip with me. If they can't find it, or accidentally deleted it, folks can always shoot me a note and I'll send a copy their way via email. 

Packing slips can include pricing, and when I'm shipping orders, it's sometimes tough for me to tell if the package is being sent to the recipient or the gift-giver, so I opt to not include a packing slip. 

2 :: No pricing info on products

When I was doing summer farmer's markets, I used to add price stickers to all my products to make things super clear for shoppers. Now that I'm not doing in-person shows, I've stopped adding those stickers. For the same reasons as above, I don't have pricing printed on my packaging, nor do I add pricing stickers to my products, so you don't have to worry about finding a Sharpie to quickly scribble out the price before wrapping up your gift. :)

3 :: Add a handwritten card with your message!

YES! You can make any gift from Marshmueller more personalized with a handwritten card add-on. For just $3, you can add your message in the notes to seller area of your cart, I'll pick a cute, coordinating card, and write out your message by hand. That's far better than a weird white piece of paper from Amazon with a typed message, right? 


Image Description: A custom Marshmueller Bib and Burp Cloth Set with a handwritten gift note and pen on top of pink pixelated tissue paper

I mean, come on- three bucks is less money you would spend by going to the store and picking out a card yourself. Not to mention the time involved!

It's my favorite thing to hear when customers choose my business as their go-to for gifts. I love being able to help you solve problems of what to get for a parent-to-be, or for a close family member who is starting school, etc. 

As for gift-giving myself, I tend to be more of a loosey-goosey, in-the-moment gift giver- if I see something that would be perfect for someone I know, I'll get it...and probably gift it right away, as I usually can't contain my excitement (and I don't want to stash the gift somewhere and then forget about it, which I have totally done before). 

What kind of gift-giver are you? I'd love to hear if you're more of a time-sensitive gifter or more of a loosey-goosey gifter! Add a comment below- I'd love to hear how you gift!

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