Holographic Rainbow Sticker = 100% of Sales Donated for Pride Month

June 07, 2021

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH, friends! ūüĆą


It's so exciting to see the Pride Celebration in my local small coastal town gearing up to have some events this year. They had to cancel all their festivities last year due to the pandemic. 

But Pride is so much more than a parade or local events celebrating our LGBTQIA+ friends and family. If you don't know why the month of June is designated as Pride Month, read up on its history (remember: the Stonewall Uprising was a riot). 

Fighting for equality and rights for our LGBTQIA+ friends and family still needs to happen. Just like the work we all need to do to be more inclusive, anti-racist, and doing our part to help folx not as privileged (and YES this includes trans folks). If we don't keep at it, all the efforts of those before us to fight for equality will be chipped away even faster.  

So this month, 100% of the sales of my holographic rainbow sticker will be donated to the Lower Columbia Q Center. 

Image Description: a hand holding a holographic rainbow sticker on a solid pink background

I grew up in a small town- so small that it didn't have a stop light of any sort (and it's still that way!). I have friends from high school that didn't come out until after graduating because they didn't feel safe to do so. There was no organization in my small town that offered support. This was also before the internet, so finding support and guidance seemed insurmountable. 

We may still be in a small town, but it's large enough that we are blessed for the folks responsible for starting the Q Center and our local Pride festivities, and the folks who work hard to keep it accessible to people in our community. 

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