Introducing :: Fitted Crib Sheets!

May 24, 2016

I am so stoked to show you the latest product in the MarshMueller line: Fitted Crib Sheets!

Here's the funny thing about crib sheets- they were seriously the first item I made for my son's nursery set six years ago. I searched high and low for a woodland animals theme nursery set for my son to no avail, so it was off to the fabric store, where I bought a crap-ton of fabric, cried in the fabric store after they totaled it up (thankfully my husband was with me to assure me it was ok), and was off and running.

I sewed up three crib sheets, a padded crib bumper (I know aahhhhhh bad mama! But I had no idea how dangerous they were), a wholecloth quilt, and had enough fabric left over to make some bibs and burp cloths for my guy.

Here's the best part about my Fitted Crib Sheets: they are built to last.

When BAM was born (aka, our second guy who arrived January 2015), we didn't have a "Type-A" plan for his nursery. He didn't even have a nursery! We were still living in a 900-square-foot house in Portland, so his nursery took the back burner until we moved in the fall last year. 

So it was older brother's crib sheets until I got my studio set up and we figured out a theme for our little guy. I pulled The Boy's crib sheets out of storage to cover BAM's crib in the meantime, and was amazed they STILL looked as if I had just sewn them up.

I shouldn't be surprised; that's what happens when you use high-quality fabric, finish your seams, and pre-wash your fabric!

Seeing those crib sheets five years after I had made them, in such good shape, motivated me to sew up some for you!

Here's What's Awesome About MarshMueller Fitted Crib Sheets:

• Made from 100% high-quality cotton

• Fabric is pre-washed to avoid shrinkage

• Sheets are made with more fabric to ensure the sides fit all around each sides of the mattress

• Seams are serged (aka secured) so they won't fray after many many washings

• Fully machine washable because...obviously! Machine wash cold, tumble dry

• Made with rad and colorful fabrics for your rad nursery

 Yes, those are zombies. On a crib sheet. Tasteful zombies, mind you!

I'm so excited I made these Fitted Crib Sheets for you. They make the perfect baby shower gift that is practical and will last for years. Add on a few waterproof pads*, and you'll have a gift that will keep on giving.

*Parenting Pro Tip: Layer your crib sheets! Lay a large waterproof pad on the crib mattress, then a crib sheet, then another waterproof pad, then a crib sheet. When you've got a little who has had an accident or the barfs, you can remove the first layer of crib sheets, clean up your little, and it's back to bed with a literal clean sheet (see example below).

Crib Sheet Layering Parenting Hack

I only made ONE crib sheet in each print, so if there's one that's calling to you, you'd better snatch it up! You can buy Fitted Crib Sheets below- just click on your favorite below to add it to your cart.

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