Introducing :: Oh, Snap! Clutches

by Holly Marsh July 25, 2015

Holy lack of blog posts, Batman!

While I've totally been slacking on blog posts, MarshMueller has definitely not been slacking elsewhere. I'll be sure to catch y'all up on the latest goings on after we move in mid-August.

But first...


Yay! *kermit flail*

So I have these friends, you see, and they loooove MarshMueller, but they A) don't have any babies, B) don't know people currently having babies, and/or C) love the fabrics I hand-pick and have been begging for something other than baby and parent awesomeness, you know?

Introducing: Oh, Snap! Clutches!

These little clutches currently come in two sizes: Small and Medium.

Smaller Oh, Snap! Clutches can fit the smallest of your essentials in one awesome colorful pouch:

And the Medium ones can pack a bit more cuteness around:

So I made a few of these using my absolute favorite fabrics, and, well, I'm not sure if these are something I'll continue to make. So if you fall in love with one, be sure to snatch it up, as I may never make it again! Or, I might make them again, but using different fabrics. Or, I might continue making them if they are crazy popular or something. 

I went through a couple prototypes and landed on the poofy version. I added a layer of fleece for stabilization, and to give that cushy, poufy look. 

I'm currently using my prototype clutch to house all my embroidery supplies on a super-duper secret MarshMueller Craft Show Booth Project (yes, it's so top secret it warranted proper noun capitalization).  

See the entire collection of Oh, Snap! Clutches here.