Introducing :: Organic Flannel Swaddle Blankets!

April 08, 2015

I am over the moon to introduce the newest item in the MarshMueller line:

Organic Flannel Swaddle Blankets!

Like most of the items in the MarshMueller line, Flannel Swaddle Blankets were born out of necessity.

A BIG necessity.

The Younger Boy, aka BAM, was born a pretty big boy. Had he been full term, he would have been 9 pounds. I was thankful for a scheduled C-section the week before his due date!

The flannel swaddle blankets from the hospital, while technically free, only lasted us so long before BAM simply grew too big to use them.

He was at the point where he slept best when swaddled, but due to his Big Baby Brute Strength, he would bust out of the gorgeous muslin swaddle blankets, which was something the Older Boy did, too.

Swaddling was the difference between two hours or five hours of continuous sleep, and I was going to get five hours of continuous sleep, dammit.

So I bought some flannel. I pre-washed it, I cut it wide, and made a few swaddle blankets to test out. They worked great! BAM stayed swaddled for continuous lengths of time. I stayed sane. 

The flannel does a great job of "sticking" to itself to avoid baby waking by busting out of his swaddle. These suckers are wide-- approx. 44" x 44", and work great as a regular lightweight blanket once your baby grows beyond the swaddling phase!

Once I tweaked some things, I managed to source some amazing ORGANIC flannel!

Thankfully the folks at Cloud9 Fabrics make ahhhhmazing organic fabrics, and their flannel is SO FLIPPING SOFT I just want to pet it all day!

Believe it or not, all flannels are definitely not created equal. I've seen my fair share of nearly threadbare flannel, even in the Organic category. If I was going to introduce these into my line, I wanted that flannel to be QUALITY. And it is. 

Here's to swaddling our (big) little ones and getting just a little bit more of that precious shuteye!

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