March Meet the Maker - Favorite to Make

March 01, 2019

Hey there!

*Dusts off cobwebs of blog*

In an attempt to write a bit more, I'm going to throw myself in fully for the #MarchMeettheMaker series, a set of Instagram prompts by Joanne Hawker.

I've recently taken a VERY long break from social media...and promoting my business overall. This mama worked HARD over the holiday season, and needed to take a break, and finish my Spring/Summer 2019 Collection.

SOOO, the first prompt for #MarchMeettheMaker is what is my favorite thing to make. Well, pretty much everything in my current product line! Haha. Chances are, if it's not my favorite thing to make, it tends to be discontinued. Because if you're going to make nearly every item you sell, why not make sure you enjoy each and every one of them?

But my absolute favorite item? It rotates from time to time. My current fave is my Stroller Blanket:

I have a batch that was just shot and almost ready to post on my website, and they are SO fun to make, and fluffy, and warm, and colorful. I've had a lot of custom orders this year so far, and the majority have been Stroller Blankets.

That's all for now- like many of these month-long, daily prompts, we can wager that I'll stick around for, eh, three of them? Haha. 

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