MarshMueller Nursing Covers!

September 15, 2014

Did you know MarshMueller makesNursing Covers?

MarshMueller Nursing Covers

I just added a ton of new prints in theshop!

I developed my own pattern after my OCD tendencies to neatly fold my Pucci-print nursing cover and tuck it away in my diaper bag, only to open up my diaper bag later and the cover had magically unfolded itself and was EVERYWHERE. Okay, “everywhere” is an exaggeration, but I got really tired of fighting fabric, among other things when hunting in the ginormous diaper bag.

So I developed a nursing cover that was a little wider, a little longer, and it has a secret pocket on the inside that the cover can fold into itself and make the nifty little bag seen in the photo above. I also used upcycled packaging strapping for the neckline instead of the typical boning. The strapping makes it a little more flexible so mamas can have the opening as big or as little as they want!

MarshMueller Nursing Covers

I almost pulled Nursing Covers from my line after I overheard a comment at last winter’s Crafty Wonderland show.

A woman said to her friend as they walked by, “Just whip it out.”

A customer in my booth overheard it as well and turned around at the comment.

“Oh, I was just commenting on the nursing cover,” the woman said, “Just whip it out!” and walked off.

I smiled and laughed, and thought maybe mamas don’t use them anymore, so I considered selling through what inventory I had and removing them from my line.

But when I sold them at Gresham Saturday Market, so many mamas were excited to see a handmade nursing cover with the nifty features I added, it changed my mind.

Normally I don’t let one customer comment get to me, but it did. I’m glad I decided to keep Nursing Covers in the MarshMueller line.

Because I’m one of the mamas who prefer to use one.

I don’t normally get on any sort of soapbox, but here we go.

I don’t encourage mamas to use or not use a Nursing Cover. In the state of Oregon, a woman may breastfeed her child in public, and thank goodness for laws protecting mamas and their babies!

Some mamas feel comfortable simply “whipping it out,” like that woman said, which is awesome, but you know what?

I’m not one of those mamas.

Granted, I’m definitely not one of those people balking at a mama feeding her child in public sans cover. I don’t scoff at mamas feeding their babies formula, either.

Both mamas are doing it right.

They’re FEEDING their child. I don’t care how they do it, whether they “whip it out,” use a nursing cover, or formula feed, they are nourishing their child.

I’ve fed my child at the mall, at Portland Timbers matches amongst the Timbers Army, in the car, and it was my personal preference to use a Nursing Cover. For the next kiddo, I’ll probably do the same. It’s not a requirement; it’s a personal choice.

Breastfeeding is tough enough. Some mamas try nursing and end up not being able to breastfeed their child. So they use formula. Both are right. Both methods feed their child. But for the modest mamas who nurse (like me), using a cover makes us a little more comfortable.

Again, Nursing Covers are a personal choice. If you’re considering getting one for a friend or family member, be sure to stalk their registry, Pinterest, or Etsy Favorites!

These Nursing Covers can also be custom made! Clickhere for details.


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