Masks Are Back and Better than Ever!

August 25, 2020

Hello friends! You might notice I've been posting to the blog a little more often, and that's an attempt to dust off the 'ol marketing engines after being focused on treatment for so long. 

You've asked, and they're back: more masks, more prints/colors, and better ribbon ties!


I experimented with using grosgrain ribbon instead of cotton twill tape and they not only hold up better in the wash, they don't get tangled as much! Plus I was able to choose a bunch of different ribbon colors so they coordinate beautifully.


The ribbon needs a tiny bit more effort to tie, as it's a little more slippery than the twill tape, but a regular bow knot will do the trick. 

A whole lot of prints/colors are available in both adult and adult small/child ones. I'm on the petite side, so the adult small/child size fits me best. 

Masks are finished, steam pressed, and packaged in their own plastic bag. It is always a good idea to wash/dry your mask before each use. 


Every purchase gives me the opportunity to donate masks to those in need. I'm currently working with my local Cancer Center to donate masks. 

Currently, these masks are MADE TO ORDER, meaning, once you place your order, I get to work making your mask just for you. Turnaround time is about a week or less.

If you're an essential worker, unemployed, or having a hard time purchasing masks, hit me up, and I will send you a mask for free.

If you know a small independent retailer who might be interested in selling masks in their store, let me know! My masks can currently be found at The Jerky Store in Seaside, Oregon. 

With flu season coming up, we all need to do our part by masking up, physically distancing from others, and washing our dang hands. 

Check them out here:

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