NEW Boppy Covers in Stock!

August 11, 2016

Hooray! New Boppy Covers are now in the shop!

This was one of the first items I made for the MarshMueller line, and it continues to be a customer favorite. When my boys were babies, the Boppy Pillow was ubiquitous with each nursing session, to the point that once my boys saw the pillow, they knew it was meal time. Since I was pretty much attached to the pillow, I HAD to make the print actually look good, and there were none to be found in stores. So I engineered my own.

It took me a while to get the snug fit, plus adding the piping and zipper along the outer curved seam made for some botched prototypes in the beginning, but I managed to engineer a cover that was snug, washable, and something to stare at for hours that you might enjoy. :)

The fabrics I use are pre-washed, and fully machine washable, because COME ON, everything kid-related should be able to go into the washer and dryer or the dishwasher. 

So go on, treat yourself to a new nursing pillow cover and enjoy the downtime of nursing your kiddo.

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