NEW!! Embroidery Kits!

February 23, 2021

I am so excited to introduce a product that combines my love of illustration with my love of embroidery!

These have been a long time coming- NEW Embroidery Kits!

Dumpster Fire Embroidery Kit with hoop and skeins of thread and embroidery scissors

Hand embroidery is something I've been doing for a long time- it helps me do something with my hands when I'm needing to pay attention, whether it be during a craft show (pre-pandemic), or a Dungeons and Dragons session (YES I'm that person who stitches during sessions, haha). 

It's relaxing and it's something I could put down at a moment's notice to greet a customer coming into my booth, or if I need to roll for initiative during D&D combat. 

These kits come with nearly everything you need to get started- just add scissors!

Megler Bridge DIY Embroidery Kit - instruction sheet, thread skein, needle, oval embroidery hoop, pre-printed fabric

All kits come with the following:
• Pre-printed fabric on cotton linen canvas
• Skein(s) of high-quality embroidery floss (either DMC or Cosmo)
• Embroidery needle
• Embroidery hoop
• Color + Stitch guide
• Illustrated stitch guide
• Tips for stitching success

Whether you're a beginner or a veteran stitcher, these kits accommodate both. 

Why did I opt for pre-printed fabric versus just throwing a PDF up on my site? Because I'm not a fan of transferring designs, ha! No, for real, though. I do transfer my illustrations on a sampler cloth before designing the pre-printed fabric to test out my designs, but that doesn't mean I'm a fan of transferring designs. 

Testing each design ensures I have simplified my illustration enough- sometimes in some of my illustrations the details are too small to come through effectively in a design for hand embroidery. 

In some cases it means I need to simplify the illustration for the purpose of it becoming an embroidery kit- the Astoria Megler Bridge kit is a prime example. I may have a more detailed illustration of the bridge in sticker form, but it was too many lines for hand embroidery, so I shortened the bridge and reduced the lines. 

I plan to have more kits rolling out throughout the year, but you can snap up one or more of these kits to get stitching!

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