NEW! Grogu Printable Valentines!

February 08, 2021

I am so excited to share with you my very first digital download product!

Just in time for last-minute Valentines- it's GROGU and it's instant gratification (aka a digital download you'll get immediately in your inbox upon purchase). 

Baby Yoda Valentine Digital Download

I've been obsessed with The Child (aka Baby Yoda, aka Grogu) since he showed his adorable little non-CGI face on The Mandalorian. I've seen memes circulating my social feeds with him and verbiage about "chicky nuggies." After a few months passed, I decided to Google "baby yoda + chicky nuggies."

btw, do NOT Google it. I stumbled upon an adorable little animated video where little Grogu sings a song to Mando about where his chicky nuggies are (spoiler alert: Mando ate them).

I'm an idiot and showed my kids the video and (of course) they loved it, and played it on loop one evening, which was just enough time for the tune to bore a little hole in my head and play on loop for days. Especially when I was drawing Grogu for this Valentine printable. It's playing in my head now even as I write this.

I'm purposely not linking the video here. Save yourselves! Don't Google it (you're totally going to Google it, aren't you?)!

Instead of searching for that video, how about downloading some super cute illustrated Valentines? The PDF has both print and color in files, so when you get tired of coloring, you can just print out the full-color version, too!

You can buy the file here:

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