Open for Business!

February 05, 2015

It's been a HUGE goal of mine to have my very own online shop, and I am over the moon to say it's NOW OPEN for business!


This is huge.

I spent the better part of the year last year trying out different shopping cart integrations, and Shopify had the best options for my business. 

Does this mean I'm moving away from Etsy?

Goodness, no! I wouldn't be where I am at if it weren't for Etsy. I'll still have the same 'ol shop, and for now, the same inventory and pricing. So if you're more comfortable navigating Etsy, go for it!

And to celebrate, save 15% on your order in the MarshMueller shop with coupon code BAM1515 through March 5, 2015*.

*Offer valid ONLY in the MarshMueller shop. Offer not valid in Etsy shop.

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