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August 10, 2017

We are thrilled to tell you MarshMueller goodies can be purchased at Dustmuffin in Silver Lake (in the Los Angeles area)!

Dustmuffin 2
Image courtesy of James Clark and Kerry Vitiello


Do you ever encounter a store and realize you have a ton in common, love all their products, and have no problem spending ALL your money there in a heartbeat?

That’s how I felt when I encountered Dustmuffin. The owners adore stocking handmade and American-made products, they have a quirky aesthetic, and they have a fantastic collective sense of humor. Just my type.

Thankfully they thought so, too, and are now carrying MarshMueller Bibs and Burp Cloth Sets!

Owners Diana Jacobs and Kerry Vitiello started Dustmuffin initially as a jewelry company and walked the typical maker path of farmer’s markets and trade shows. While the jewelry was successful in selling, people loved the displays they used, which consisted of vintage and bakery-style fixtures. Diana even make stuffed satin muffins to display their jewelry.

The name Dustmuffin came from a rescue cat; during kitty’s first day home, the cat appeared from under a couch, covered in dust bunnies, and the name stuck. It was only natural to name the business with the same moniker; their jewelry was sold in muffin boxes and displayed on baking sheets, so Dustmuffin was perfect.

They developed a “severe allergic reaction to trade shows,” and were encouraged to open a brick and mortar store. Kerry’s husband James Clark loved the idea and joined the team, and they opened up shop in the Los Angeles area in 2011.

dustmuffin storefront

When I asked Kerry to provide a blurb about her business, I loved the fact that she was candid and honest in their journey to where they are now.

“Our struggles at first included over ordering (we had to have EVERY COLOR and EVERY SCENT of a candle line and at like 12 pc. per candle it ended up being 1000 candles and we hardly had any storage).  Loss of inventory was a problem. The way our first location was set up it was super conducive to theft – stolen watches, earrings, necklaces purse.  I also took my fair share of counterfeit money – we were too trusting just leaving everything out for people to handle unsupervised.”

They had to move locations when the owner of their building sold the property, but Kerry said she is happy to be where they are now in the Silver Lake area.

Over the years, they honed their buying skills, tightened security, and zeroed in on their eclectic aesthetic that their customers know and love today.

So if you’re in the LA area, more specifically the Silver Lake area, go check out Dustmuffin!

Dustmuffin | 3204 Sunset Blvd | Los Angeles, CA 90026
323-644-2828 | Instagram | Facebook

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