August 18, 2015


Ok, so we are nearly at the END of the Summer 'o Moving and we are so close I can TASTE it. Yes, that is how exhausted and loopy I am. I can TASTE moving. It tastes disgusting. Yuck.

BUT onto some delicious news.

It is so yummy I have been bursting to talk about it but I had to get this shop their order first!

You can now shop for MarshMueller items at Presents of Mind!

Lemme tell you, this is literally a one-stop shop for gifts.

Need a card and some jewelry for a friend's birthday? Check.

Need a gift for a baby shower? Check. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

Need a quirky pair of socks just because and an awesome dress for a wardrobe update? Check.

I could seriously blow my mortgage payment in ten minutes in this store (which I cannot, as we JUST bought a house for the second time and Rob would absolutely kill me). Presents of Mind seeps awesomeness and quirky and all things Portland without any sort of hipstery sneers (Presents of Mind was here way before hipsters were, so there). 

Presents of Mind is carrying MarshMueller Burp Cloth Sets, Bibs, Organic Flannel Swaddle Blankets, Nursing Covers, and Diaper + Wipe Clutches. I have a brand new version of my Diaper + Wipe Clutch- they are reinforced for easier use and now have a nifty wrist strap! Currently Presents of Mind and Crafty Wonderland are the only shops to carry the new version of the bestselling Diaper + Wipe Clutch! So go on and get 'em!

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