Shop Local :: Raine and Riley’s in Brooklyn, NY!

November 08, 2017

We are so excited to tell you if you’re in the Brooklyn, New York area, you can shop for MarshMueller items at Raine and Riley’s!

This store recently moved to a new location, and the owner, Sarah, is incredibly nice and has an amazing eye for merchandising. Check out the window they did in September (it’s like a scavenger hunt! Can you spot the MarshMueller Space Explorers bib?):

Raine and Riley's store window
image courtesy of @raineandrileys Instagram

Raine and Riley’s offers a selection of apparel for everyday, fancy party clothes, costume items, and many shoes and accessories.

“We are strong believers in the fact that spit happens and are so excited to expand our collection of uh-oh gear by selling MarshMueller’s absolutely adorable bibs. As Raine and Riley’s nears our third birthday (we’re almost toddlers!), we aim to celebrate designers who create clothing items and accessories with fun in mind,” said Sarah, Owner of Raine and Riley’s.

Raine and Riley's in Brooklyn store interior
image courtesy of Sarah of Raine and Riley’s

We are so thrilled there are fellow small businesses who know the work it takes to run their own business from the ground up, and it’s one of the many reasons we love to celebrate and feature these stores on our blog!

So whether you’re looking to have the most stylish baby at mommy and me, or have the most fashion-forward tween in town, you’ll find it at Raine and Riley’s in Brooklyn!

SHOP LOCAL :: Raine and Riley’s
9002 3rd Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11209 | 347.497.3450
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