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November 23, 2016

MarshMueller is represented on the Oregon Coast! An amazing shop in Manzanita, Oregon, is now carrying the MarshMueller line.

And boy, does this shop have a story.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we're blessed with the absence of many potential natural disasters. We just live in the shadow of many active volcanoes and the possibility of a very large and catastrophic earthquake hitting us in our lifetime. 

Or so we thought. 

Debra, owner of Wisteria Chic, ended up having her store severely damaged in a TORNADO (yes, I said tornado) two days before the coast was going to be hit by a huge storm (result: tornado yes, huge storm, not so much). Wisteria Chic Tornado Damage

The tornado damaged other businesses and homes in a truly unusual weather event. Miraculously no one was killed or injured badly. 

Not only was the damage devastating and incited a state of emergency, the tornado hit this Oregon coast town at a time where it could hurt the most: going into the winter season, which is already tough enough on many an Oregon coast retailer.

Instead of wallowing in the situation for weeks or more (something I would have done), Debra got right back up and found another location for her shop. She had inventory that wasn't damaged, thankfully, and within two weeks Debra opened up her new, albeit smaller, shop just a few blocks from her original location. Her current location was literally the only available spot in town!

Wisteria Chic front

This shop owner is truly remarkable-- when I emailed her to arrange pick up/drop off of her first wholesale order with me, I learned that her store was part of the severe damage from the tornado. Did Debra cancel my order? Nope! She just pushed it back a few weeks so she could get this adorable space up and running (seriously, two weeks is an insanely quick turnaround). 

Wisteria Chic

Wisteria Chic

Not only was Debra incredibly awesome and took my order despite an incredibly stressful time for her business, I'm delivering a reorder to her shop today! I truly hope that means that people are flocking to Manzanita to show their support as the town rebuilds.

So if you're on the Northern Oregon Coast, or you are able to come here during a quick weekend trip- be sure to stop in Manzanita and have a bite to eat, go shopping, or stay overnight there. It's the best and quickest way to get this town back on their feet again.

SHOP :: Wisteria Chic | 174 Laneda Avenue | Manzanita, OR | 503.368.3870


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Rick Davis
Rick Davis

April 10, 2019

My wife bought a “wag more bark less” sticker somewhere in Manzanita a year or two ago, and we saw them numerous times during our visit. Oval, and maybe 5 or 6 inches long. Do you sell them? If so, could I buy 3 of them and have them mailed to me in Victoria, British Columbia, please? Rick Davis

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