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March 15, 2021

I'm so excited to share with you my newest retail partner: The Handmade Showroom!

What and where is The Handmade Showroom? While the name is fairly obvious, it's a lovely shop in Seattle in Pacific Place. YES it's a shop full of handmade amazingness in a MALL. 

Genius, right?

Marlo Miyashiro, the smartypants/owner of The Handmade Showroom, opened in 2015 and while she's had more than her share of typical brick and mortar challenges (she's had to move the store three or four times (!), navigating a pandemic, etc.), she's managed to roll with the punches and not only keep The Handmade Showroom open, but also opened a second shop, Bezel and Kiln, specializing in a gallery-style shopping experience featuring wearable art and functional housewares. 

I first met Marlo back in 2012 at School House Craft in Seattle, a weekend-long conference where small handmade business owners could learn more about running a business. Marlo taught product photography, and I learned SO much and still use what I learned from her today in my product photography. 

Fast-forward a few years, and we connected again at Craftcation, a business and maker's conference. We were both instructors and eventually became Craftcation roommates. We had so much fun vegging out on In-N-Out, watching Office Space, and chatting that I'm now determined to have Marlo as my Craftcation roomie every year (I mean, once it's back to an in-person conference). 

I had visited The Handmade Showroom in 2016 when I did the Seattle Gift Show, and I was SO impressed with Marlo's product assortment curation abilities, and her fusion of typical store fixtures mixed with DIY ones. 

We've been meaning to connect regarding a stockist partnership for a while, but life (and pandemics) have gotten in the way. 

Marlo and her staff even did an IGTV unboxing of my goods once they received it in the store! (Look for the post that features 
Shelf of Marshmueller products at The Handmade Showroom in Seattle
Do you need to be in Seattle to shop The Handmade Showroom? Nope! You can be anywhere in the world, as you can shop right on the website and get some amazing handmade goods shipped right to your door. 


Website (YES you can shop online):

600 Pine Street, Suite 330, Seattle, WA 98101
(located on the 3rd floor of Pacific Place Shopping Center in the heart of downtown Seattle. Find us just off of the main elevators near the Nordstrom skybridge)



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