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November 02, 2017

One of our most resilient retail partners, Wisteria Chic in Manzanita, could literally write a book on facing challenges in life and business and how to remain amazingly poised.

Debra, aka Debbie, made her first order with MarshMueller last fall and ended up having to push out the order by a few weeks. No big deal, life happens, right?

Well, she had a pretty good reason.


A tornado (yes, you read that right), blew through the small Oregon coast town and hit her shop.

So what did Debbie do? Did she close up shop? Did she wallow in despair (it’s probably what I would have done).

No. She assessed the damage (thankfully most of her inventory was spared), found a temporary location, and opened back up within TWO WEEKS. I know. She’s amazing.

You can read more about it here.

Fast-forward to May 2017, and the store has been completely rebuilt and Debbie was getting ready to re-open back in her previous location.


ABOVE: Debra, aka Debbie, of Wisteria Chic




Debbie not only is a master merchandiser, buyer, and shop owner, but also faced her store being destroyed just before a tough time in retail for the coast. In the same year, she also experienced loss in her family, was diagnosed with breast cancer and BEAT breast cancer! Debbie would get up at 4am, every weekday, make the two hour drive into Portland for breast cancer treatment. Then she would drive two hours back home. She did this all summer. Now, scans say the cancer is gone, and we all hope it stays gone.

So go check out this amazing store and if you see the amazing Debbie, tell her I said hi (and be sure to buy something- there’s so much good stuff she has in stock!).

Wisteria Chic | 387 Laneda Ave, Unit B |Manzanita, OR 97130
503.368.3870 | Facebook

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