This Weekend :: BabyFest Seattle!

by Holly Marsh September 16, 2016

"I'm gonna blog every week!" I exclaimed, fresh and buzzing from a handmade business owner conference (aka Craftcation, aka youshouldtotallygo), which was back in April.

I nearly did blog every week. Sort of. Don't go back and count.

So. I'm back! And I'm going to try my darndest to blog once a week. 

It's not that I haven't been busy and that things are happening- each week I plan one evening to blog and send out my weekly newsletter, and the past few weeks I've found myself sitting down at midnight to bust those things out, and guess what, friends?

This girl is tired.

So I end up going to bed instead. Damn that necessity called sleep!


This Saturday! Are you in the Seattle area? If you are, you should totally go to BabyFest at the Seattle Exhibition Hall! I'll be there! So will some amazing other small businesses and a crapton of activities for parents-to-be, current parents, or people within the industry.

ZOMG there is so much to do, see, and buy at this event. It's kind of overwhelming, so I'll give you the bullet-point version:

• Baby Bingo. Visit booths (you should definitely come see mine), go to workshops, get a stamp. Enter it into the Big Baby Shower at 2:30pm.

• Workshops. Goodness, there are a TON of amazing workshops- from a baby dance party, to a messy photography session, to a speaker catering to dads, this event has a lot of great workshops. I mean, come on, you can actually learn how to acclimate your fur-child for the arrival of your human child. I had to Google that, so you'll be way ahead of me.

• Big Baby Shower: at 2:45pm, they'll draw from the Baby Bingo cards for a crap-ton of prizes. Set your phone alarm to turn in your Baby Bingo card at 2:30, because if you're pregnant and had mega Pregnancy Brain like I did both times, you'll happily turn in your bingo card at 3:00pm. After the shower has ended.

So bring your water bottle, bring snacks, and wear good shoes. You won't regret it.

I'll have a super brand new item at this show that I'm not going to tell you about until next week (see? Accountability!), so if you're in Seattle, you'll get a chance to snag one before many others. :)

BabyFest Seattle | Saturday, September 24 | 11am-5pm | Seattle Center Exhibition Hall (lower level), 301 Mercer Street.BUY TICKETS HERE

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