June 07, 2017

We’re coming to Portland, people!

I mean, more specifically, I’m coming to Portland, and this time, it’s for a show I’ve never done before!

It’s GeekCraft Expo, a traveling craft show that showcases the geekiest of makers within the area. I’m so stoked to be with my fellow crafty nerds (in the most literal and highly regarded sense) for two days!*

GeekCraft logo

*I’m not so stoked about leaving Rob with the boys for two whole days, but let’s be honest- he handles it SO much better than I do when I’m by myself with the kids.

While yes, it’s the Rose Festival and the Rose Parade this Saturday, but it’s supposed to rain; a tradition that bestows us almost every year in Portland. So why not stay dry at the DoubleTree Hotel Lloyd Center and see an amazing array of local and local-esque makers who are your kindred spirits in the realm of geekery?

I’ll be in Booth B04, and I’m sewing my nerdy heart out to bring your guys a ton of awesomeness.


See you there!

GEEKCRAFT EXPO PDX | DoubleTree Lloyd Center | 1000 NE Multnomah St, Portland

SATURDAY, June 10:: 11am – 6pm | SUNDAY, June 11:: 11am – 5pm

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