UCU + Thank You!!

July 15, 2014

We all made it home safe and sound after a long weekend in Seattle, and all I can say is:


Urban Craft Uprising | MarshMueller Blog

The MarshMueller Crew at UCU, minus my mom, who was taking the photo!

Thank you to everyone who came out in sweltering heat to the show (which was thankfully air-conditioned)! Thank you to everyone who purchased items, swooned over my fabric choices, and even took a business card.

I got to meet some amazing makers also participating in the show, and it was awesome seeing fellow maker friends who also made it into the show.

I even had some friends from college (and one from high school!) drop by and show their support, and it just fills my dorky heart with all the feels.

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to drag my mom to her first soccer match, even though it was in Seattle, and we lost our asses.

It was a great experience, and I already have a ton of ideas for the next booth display if I get into the Winter show (Seattle has some strict fireproofing codes, so no antique screen for the booth up there).

Hope we’ll see everyone there again in December if we get into the show!

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