Burp Cloth Sets

Oh hey there. Do you like wearing your baby's spit up everywhere? Or changing your shirt a gazillion times? No? Me, either! My children were huge spitters when they were babies and those teeny narrow burp cloths from big box stores got repurposed as rags real fast when I started making my bestselling Burp Cloth Sets.

Made from prefold cloth diapers with an absorbent padding in the middle and the fabric sewn in the center helps you distinguish between a Burp Cloth and a cloth diaper. The Burp Cloths are wide- enough to cover your shoulder or lap when burping or feeding baby. These Burp Cloth Sets are the perfect shower gift- something the parents-to-be may have registered for...but they may not have registered for enough. I've had parents tell me this is the one item at the beginning of parenthood they felt they never had enough of, so help a parent out and stock up for baby shower gifting!