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Navy Bridgetown Burp Cloth Set
Andrea B (San Diego, US)
Love these burp cloths

I found these burp cloths in a store in Los Angeles and had to get online and order more. The quality is great and the seller is absolutely wonderful. Can't wait to order more !

Space Explorers Bib
Julia Smith (Port Angeles, US)
I love everything Holly makes

You want something adorable and made well you have come to the right place.

Hedgehoglets Wet Bag
Call Fam 5

This bad boy is getting so much use! From swim lessons to diaper changes I love it. We attached our reusable snack bags to the snap and it’s the perfect Togo center for kids and even my hubs!

The Perfect Reusable Snack Bag

We are absolutely loving these snack bags. Easy to clean, very well made and my kids LOVE them!

Bento Box Stroller Blanket
Robin Kierstein (Studio City, US)
Sweetest blanket

I’m so pleased with this stroller blanket. Anybody with babies knows you can’t have too many blankets and I’m so happy to purchase this one specifically as a gift.

Llama Drama Diaper + Wipe Clutch
Deborah Cherrin (Ann Arbor, US)
Brilliant idea!

The new parents were thrilled with this gift. It is beautifully made and the pattern is so distinctive! I'm super happy with my purchase.

Dumpster Fire Embroidery Kit
Daniel W. (Portland, US)
Great set

Really blown away by how well this kit was put together. Perfect for a noob like myself. Great design and attention to detail.

Creative Consulting Session - 60 minutes
Marly Surena-Llorens (Allentown, US)
This was NEEDED!

My site had been one-year languishing and I knew I needed specific help in setting up my Shopify e-commerce site. Not only did Holly take the time to answer my questions, but her expertise helped me think thru the entire customer experience. Also, she gave me follow-up homework and meeting recaps for me to look back to and I've reviewed them many times. This was money well-spent!

Whoops! Corgis Diaper + Wipe Clutch
Stephanie Toomey (Newark, US)

Beautiful, functional, and with corgis that smile up at you! Loved this little bag + gave it as a gift to my future niece. Thank you for this one-of-a-kind awesomeness! I appreciate your talent! <3

Loved it!!!

Creative Consulting Session - 60 minutes
AnnaLee Waite (Houston, US)
Creative Consulting with Holly MarshMueller

I highly recommend Holly. I first learned about her through an on-line membership I am part of where she serves as the technology guru. I wanted to learn more about Shopify websites so I hired Holly to talk through questions I had regarding the platform. She was very thorough in answering all my questions and providing me with lots of additional ideas to help me think through the web building process. I love Holly's upbeat personality!

Navy Bridgetown Bib
Margaret Wolfe (Portland, US)

This bib is adorable and is going to be so cute on our baby girl coming soon! Thank you!

Always a Hit!

I've purchased several of these as gifts for friends, family & co-workers. They are always a huge hit! They are well-made, long-lasting and the patterns are so fun! When I am in need of a baby gift, I always come here first. I've always been thrilled with every item purchased!

RBG Dissent Collar T-Shirt
Renee Newstrum (Ocean Park, US)
beautiful design

I love this shirt and can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear it. There was a residue on the design from the printing, but it totally washed away and it's SO soft!

Banaya Zippy Bag
SB (Gresham, US)

Great product!

The Child Reusable Sandwich Bag
Jen Carew (Renton, US)
Wonderfully fun

I love these little pouches. So cute and useful!

Dumpster Fire Sticker
laurel kurtz (Portland, US)
Nice size and quality

I love this sticker, I stuck it on my ukulele case and I enjoy the shape of the flames. It is durable and appears water proof. Reminds me of a tattoo for my case.

Hello Bear Diaper + Wipe Clutch
Jody Folkedahl (Portland, US)
Perfect size!

Super cute and just the right size to carry with you when you don't want to do the whole diaper bag thing! Love it!

Bitmap Reusable Snack Bag
Katherine Weber (New Paltz, US)
Minecraft a go-go!

This is going to be a holiday for my Minecraft-obsessed son and I can’t wait to see his face! The bag is incredibly well-made, but the best part is the variety of whimsical fabrics. Love this site and the products.

Zelda Legend Reusable Snack Bag
Katherine Weber (New Paltz, US)
Best fabrics!

The bag is incredibly well-made, but the best part is the variety of whimsical fabrics. Love this site and the products.

Oregon Stroller Blanket
Lisa Theobald (Salem, US)
We love it!

We are so in love with the quality and unique pattern! Can’t wait to use this with our little one.

Dumpster Fire Plushie DIY Kit
Laura (Bothell, US)
Fun for a virtual craft night

I ordered several of these for my sisters and a couple of friends and had a fun virtual craft night.

Forest Slumber Stroller Blanket
Amber Hayes (Portland, US)
Like a Happy Little Cloud That Wants To Hug Your Baby

So soft and snuggly, you’ll wish you were baby-sized so you could wrap yourself up in it. This was a baby shower gift and was a bigger hit with the parents-to-be than the unspillable wine glasses that went along with it. (That’s saying something.) It’s so thoughtfully designed and beautifully made. There’s no better way to do a baby a favor than to pick up one of these sweet blankets for them.

Starfruit Bridgetown Face Mask
Basmah (Charlotte, US)
Portland bridge masks

Beautifully stitched and packed. Very professional. Love them

The Child Zippy Bag
Liane Crigler (Portland, US)
What’s not to love?!!

Not only is the print so freaking adorable that I want to scream - the bag itself is well made and perfect size for so many uses. This was bought for a gift but I’m definitely purchasing more before the holidays. Thank you so much!