Black Skulls Boppy Cover

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Boppy Nursing Pillow Cover in black skulls fabric. Black zipper and black piping.

Dude, have you SEEN some of the Boppy covers out there? We might as well just call The Fashion Police right now.

• Fits Boppy Naked nursing pillows (or Boppy Pillows without a cover).
• 100% pre-washed cotton fabric in black and white mini chevron print
• 22" zipper along outer curved seam
• Black piping along outer curved seam
• Serged interior for machine washability (because when you're a parent, EVERYTHING you own needs to be able to be washed and dried, and not shrink...right?)

• Machine wash cold
• Tumble dry low
• Light iron, if you've got time...hahaha (who's got time to IRON a Boppy?!)