Creative Consulting Session - 60 minutes

Ever wanted to pick my brain and talk about all things (or one thing) concerning your handmade business? 

Now you can- you'll get 60 minutes to chat about a specific topic or a brief list of questions to cover with me.

I've been running my handmade business for nine years and have learned a lot along the way- the successes, and the failures, and I love helping my fellow makers along the way.

The meeting will be conducted on Zoom, where we'll chat face-to-face and you'll not only walk away with:

  • An actionable list of tasks to help you make progress on your business,
  • Insight into potential pitfalls and alternative points of view
  • Help you build confidence into reaching your goals, and tips on how to make them happen
  • A link to the video and audio recording for you to keep and review as needed

With the meeting being 60 minutes, it's best to zero in on one facet of your business and go as deep as we can in the time we have together. 

Some topics fitting for the 60-Minute Pick My Brain Session:

  • Social media marketing
  • Planning a content calendar for your marketing strategy
  • Craft show applications/logistics/display
  • Brand identity
  • Wholesale- getting started
  • Product assortment
  • Pricing strategy
  • Line sheet review/audit
  • High-level website review with conversion rate optimization in mind
  • Getting un-stuck when working on a large project
  • Shopify- getting started or specific questions

Once your purchase is finalized, I will reach out via email or phone to send a consult questionnaire and schedule the session.

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