April is Autism Acceptance Month

April 03, 2019

It’s April, which means it’s Autism Acceptance Month! You may have also heard of Autism “Awareness” Month. Most people have heard of our neurodiverse friends, or know someone personally who is autistic, so the phrase “Acceptance” seems more fitting.

No need to sport puzzle pieces on your social media avatar, just go out there and read works written by autistic folks- it’s a lot more insightful that way. I highly recommend the book “The Real Experts” to start- it’s a compilation of shorter works written by autistic people and advocates. I’m no expert by any means at all, but our neurodiverse family and friends are! Listen to them, learn from them, maybe use this month to shower them with gifts. 😉

autism acceptance month graphic

Shameless promotional side note: a portion of our sales will be donated to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

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