About MarshMueller

Holly MarshMueller, CEO of MarshMueller    Sewing Machine and Thread in MarshMueller Secret Labs     Baby wearing Pink Sushi Bib

Quirky, yet necessary accessories for parents, babies, and kiddos.

MarshMueller is a handmade, family business centered around practicality and fun. When preparing for their first baby, the MarshMuellers, being the Type A folks they are, bought EVERYTHING on "The List," which is the ginormous registry list of new and classic baby must-haves.

As it turned out, the "cute" items from The List rendered themselves useless, and the ugly items were used the most often.

Holly (above, aka CEO (Chief Everything Officer)/Designer/Mama), made it her mission to design her own patterns, hand-pick high-quality fabrics, and bust out a line of quirky, yet necessary accessories for parents, babies, and humans like you.

Every item is designed, cut, sewn, and shipped in our Astoria, Oregon studio on the lovely Oregon Coast.

Because let's face it: as parents, we don't know what we're doing. We might as well have some awesome-looking stuff as we figure it out together!

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