Celebrating Five Years!

October 21, 2016

Five years ago today, I had my first sale on Etsy.

Look at that crappy photography! I'm shocked (but thankful) someone actually bought that Boppy Cover.

What started out as a creative outlet whilst on maternity leave with a colicky baby, MarshMueller has grown into a bona fide business, selling on multiple online channels and the partnership of many retail stores, and has allowed me to work at home while my boys are little. 

While my product photography has definitely changed (for the better!), the heart and primary ethos of MarshMueller remains the same: quirky, yet necessary.

The verbiage has evolved over time (formerly "pretty and practical" and now "quirky, yet necessary"), but the underlying motivation for MarshMueller has always been about practical products, without the ugly. 

If you don't know me personally, I'm a little Type A. When I was pregnant with The Boy (who was born in June 2011), I took all the baby registry lists from retailers, blogs, and pregnancy websites, made a spreadsheet, and made a huge list of everything that was recommended. I then researched the crap out of everything and felt really good about my registry list that I built for my boy.

Except the textiles.

OH MY GOD. Nothing worked. I was dead-set on a woodland animal-themed nursery (I was a very stubborn pregnant woman), and there was NOTHING out on the market that worked. 

I just wanted some flipping owls for my son's nursery.

So after a very expensive and tearful trip to Fabric Depot, I constructed my first son's nursery set and never stopped sewing.

I made crib sheets for my son's nursery, but wasn't in a position to make crib sheets financially feasible in my business until this year (Crib Sheets take up a lot of yardage). I ended up starting with Boppy Covers in the shop, and when I realized other parents wanted items for their babies and their nurseries that wasn't pastel, jungle-themed, or generic, I knew I was onto something.

I worked full-time for three of these five years, sewing mostly after The Boy went to bed, and more of the same once BAM was born. Now, I'm definitely not a "Quit Your Day Job" story just yet (I still work part-time doing remote customer support, but I love the consistent hours and pay), but my business has been the catalyst for me to be able to be home more often for my boys. In many cases, it's been necessary (another blog post for another time).

We are continuing to grow and I have YOU to thank. Thank you for cheering me on, telling others about my business, or even purchasing something from MarshMueller.

We're having a party in the shop, and I'm having a FLASH SALE! You can save 50% on your order- valid only Friday, October 21, 2016 at www.marshmuellershop.com

MarshMueller Flash Sale

So, go, shop a sale that I'll probably never offer at this steep a discount again. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support.


Holly m2

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