Coffee Cup Sleeves

Do you love Earth? Do you want to save her? Sure, recycling is important, but do you remember ALL the Rs- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Reducing waste is the number one thing we can all do to combat climate change, and you can do that even with your morning cup of coffee. You might have your own tumbler or mug when getting coffee on the go, but having it with you at all times isn't realistic. 

For the times when you end up using a disposable coffee cup, use a Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeve! This reduces the need for a cardboard one...which will end up in the trash instead of recycling because how often are we near both trash and recycling bins and remember to separate the two? I carry a few reusable sleeves with me in my handbag and backpack so I'm always prepared for an impromptu afternoon Americano. Once I've finished my coffee, I dispose of the cup, put my Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeve back in my bag, and celebrate one fewer cardboard sleeve going in the trash.

These make fantastic teacher gifts to go with that coffee gift card, or the perfect stocking stuffer.