NEW Organic Swaddle Blanket Prints in Stock!

August 18, 2016

Are you melting in this heat right now?

Hooray for summer! Hooray for summer? Hooray for summer.

I don't wanna be the one to tell you, but Fall is totally lurking around the corner right now. And you know what that means?

Cooler temperatures! Seriously! Falling leaves, fall-flavored coffee beverages, and pumpkins everywhere. 

I know, I'm not ready, either.

But you know what will be ready once those temperatures drop? Actually, they're ready right now:

Organic Flannel Swaddle Blankets!

Four new prints, in stock right now! Yippie!

These guys measure a whopping 42" x 42" (approx.), because both my guys were born weighing over 8 pounds, and while those hospital swaddle blankets (yes, I totally snagged a few in my hospital bag on the way out), worked for a while, they didn't last long as my boys grew into humongous babies who still liked to be swaddled.

So I sourced some amazingly soft organic flannel, pre-washed it using an essential-oil based, phosphate-free detergent, and cut it as wide as it could go. I serged the edges in coordinating thread and voila! Huge, soft, organic baby burritos for all!

I was worried when I received the huge bolts of flannel fabric that it would pill (you know, the little balls of lint that appear on your favorite sweater? That's called pilling and it's super annoying). After one wash, no pilling! Still incredibly soft. Barely any shrinkage. 

There are four new prints in stock, and they're sure to be any new parent's favorite:

Much like the baby burrito you can make with the Organic Flannel Swaddle Blanket, they come wrapped tightly like a soft little burrito, perfect for gift giving or a store shelf (they are in my wholesale catalog, too).

I've had friends tell me my swaddle blankets are their go-to baby gift, and I've had feedback from many parents that MarshMueller Swaddle Blankets wrap up their little ones into the most perfect little baby burritos. You almost want to eat them.*

*Don't. I know it's tempting, and they're adorable, but please don't eat your little baby burrito. :)

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